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Mar 13, 2014
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73 questions with SJP…

There is so much to take in…the apartment, her style, everything!




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Mar 11, 2014
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infantry style…

Everybody knows that spring weather in Texas is like a roller coaster ride –

UP one day and DOWN the next!

But no worries, we can help you manage the weather’s ups and downs with this –

Current/Elliott Infantry Jacket.

It’s the perfect light layering piece for the cooler spring days.

And we aren’t the only ones who think this little cutie is a must have -from fashionable socialites to celebrities to bloggers – we can all agree this is a must have!

When in doubt, throw on an army green parka.<br /><br /><br /><br />

Current/Elliott Infantry Jacket

So don’t miss out!  We only ordered a few so you might just want to march on in and pick one up for yourself!


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images via: 1/2/3/4

Mar 5, 2014
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new, new new!

It’s been BUSY around here the past few days!


Every day more and more boxes arrive –

and we love it!

In fact, so many deliveries we met at the store on a closed day to get busy unpacking and checking in, but we just had to take a quick break to style some of the new arrivals to give you a sneak peek at a few of the new pieces that have come in.

And in case you can’t tell…upcoming spring break travels were on our mind!


top: Giada Forte

jeans: Current/Elliott

scarf: Koch

purse and ipad case: Clare Vivier

necklace: Blesslev by Jacquie Aiche


top: Current/Elliott

jeans: DL1961

jewelry: Alkemie

tote: Clare Vivier


jacket and button down: Current/Elliott

tee: Brochu Walker

jeans: DL1961

belt: Ulla Johnson

necklace: Cheryl Dufault

purse: Clare Vivier

Come by to see what’s new!


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Mar 2, 2014
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here we go again…

It’s hard to believe that it is freezing again but we will try and see the best of it as soon enough we all know it will be blazing hot!

So, in light of seeing the positive in yet another icy blast we offer you this little happy visual.

Photographer Sarah Bourque snapped this photo just in time…”Walter was jumping for a snowball and Rupert was running towards us to see what all the fuss was about. It was a perfectly captured moment that makes me smile every time I see it.”

It makes us smile too!


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Mar 28, 2013
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hoppy friday!


Hop on in!

See you soon!


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Mar 26, 2013
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pom poms…


Image 1

Why is it that some words can just make you giggle at the mere sound?  I mean, there’s nothing particularly funny about a pom-pom but just try saying pom-pom without smiling…even if it is just the tiniest little grin…bet you can’t do it!

You know what makes us smile even more?

Scarves with pom-poms!

Nage - Pink



Nage - Pink_Rickey - Oyster_Bondi - Bronze

We couldn’t ask for more than this darling scarf by Koch (one of our favorite local designers) in beautiful spring colors adorned with the cutest little pom-poms!

Just makes us smile!

And there’s more from Koch – brand new arrivals…

Alistar - Hot Pink with Snakes

We just LOVE this new pink dress!

That’s not all…just all that we have photos of right now!

Trust us…the other pieces are worth a look.  And, as usual we only ordered a few of each piece so you might want to hustle!


Monday – Wednesday – Friday

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If you love the darling little quote up top you can order it here from Shop Furbish.  And if you aren’t familiar with the very talented Jamie Meares you should check out her on-line shop and her blog…great finds and very entertaining!

Mar 24, 2013
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a thank you to Tommy Ton…

You may be saying to yourself, “Tommy who?”  Which is what we would have been saying in the pre-pinterest days but just look at how much we have learned from pinterest!   And we thought we were just wasting time…smile!

But in case you are not super pinners like us, let us fill you in and introduce to you the fabulous Tommy Ton.
Tommy Ton is a Canadian photographer known for his fashion blog Jak & Jil and his amazing street style photography during fashion weeks featured on and   His distinct style and knack for capturing details makes us feel like we are right there with all of those lovely fashionistas headed into the shows.  We just can’t get enough!  Basically, without his gorgeous shots, our blog posts would be, in a word…blah!
So, thank you Tommy Ton for your amazing work!

Gorgeous, huh?

Feeling inspired?

We have many great new arrivals –

Gold Hawk, Current/Elliott, Equipment, Smythe &

Mes Desmoiselles (a brand new line for us from Paris)


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Mar 19, 2013
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A.N.D…a new denim brand

We are so excited to tell you about a new denim brand…really, that’s the name:


a new denim

We’ve brought in 5 different styles – straight leg, crops, skinny, distressed and slouchy…something for everyone!


Not only is A.N.D. new to us, but it is a whole new way of looking at denim.  The brand is based around a revolutionary fabric process exclusive to A.N.D.  The creators of the brand took pure, untreated denim and transformed it into a soft and worn-in fabric without using water during the process, thus maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the indigo dyed denim.

As no water is used during the making of the jeans, A.N.D. provides “wears” rather than the traditional “washes”.  The line provides three different “wears” – 50 wears, 150 wears and 250 wears.  Sean Barron, the founder of the brand notes, “A year ago I started working with the most prestigious denim mills to develop a process that would take the pure raw indigo denim and break it down.  Once the fabric has gone through the process we are able to truly create jeans that look and feel as if they have been worn without being washed.“

A.N.D. stems from the thought that women love the look and color of raw denim jeans but do not like the stiff and uncomfortable feel.  With the unique no water process A.N.D. provides authentic raw denim styles while eliminating the time and effort it takes to “wear” in the jeans.

The A.N.D. design team is comprised of true “jeaners” who took a note from denim’s roots by bringing back the authentic jean, using indigo dyed yarn with a focus on construction, fit and quality.  “We feel that authentic jeans are missing from the market and everything feels very trend driven.  We are going back to heritage jeanswear and not focusing on the latest trends,” says Barron.

Check out this article from WWD to see what they have to say about the line.

(FYI…you can click the picture to make it bigger and a little easier to read)


We love the line and are thrilled to be the first and only boutique carrying it in Fort Worth.  You know us,  always on the look-out for great new finds!

Just in case you are wondering who else is brining A.N.D. to their customers…

Elyse Walker

American Rag



We think that puts us in some pretty good company…

Come on by to meet our new denim brand and give it a spin!


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Mar 17, 2013
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white jeans

We have to admit it…we didn’t think we were “rule breaker” types but I guess a peek at our history would tell you otherwise.

(Like the crazy idea to open a “full time/part time” store that is only open 3 days a week…hmmm)

And now for another rule we think should be broken…the silly no white jeans/pants before Memorial Day “rule”.

Really, we just not down with that!  If you wait too long to break out your whites it will be 1,000,000 degrees and so hot the last thing you will want to put on is jeans…so we say break ’em out NOW!


white jeans

white jeans on Emmanuelle Alt

white jeans

White jeans

winter white. clean. fresh. chic.

White jeans are a must and we love!

white jeans

Christy Turlington

white jeans and leopard

Bright layers.

Why not?  It’s fun to break a few rules every now and then!

We have great white jeans in all styles – boyfriends, skinny, petite bootcut – from all the brands you love –

Current/Elliott, J Brand, DL1961 and a brand new line…A.N.D.

Come by to find your perfect white jean!


Monday – Wednesday – Friday

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Mar 7, 2013
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spring break…

Spring break

or the mountains, or just wherever!

Today (Friday) is the last day we are open before we shut her down for a little Spring Break.  What are the keys to looking great while traveling?  We look to a few of our favorite stylish ladies for some travel style inspiration.

 Comfy Chic Travel Style with plush scarf

"travel style"

Does this mean we can wear white jeans after labor day ?

travel in style

miranda kerr travel style

travel style

blake's travel style

first family of travel style

Cindy Crawford's perfect travel style

Love the Salvatore Ferragamo bag!

Blake Lively at LAX. What an outerwear!!

So it seems…if you have some great jeans, a fabulous scarf, a cardigan or jacket, a comfy tee you will be all set!

Needing a refresher on some of your traveling basics?

 We can get you ready to take off in style…come shop our great jeans, scarves, easy tees and you will be good to go!

Oh, and we just couldn’t resist this old school photo from the late 80’s of Joan Collins travel style…those were the days of

traveling with everything you owned!

Now this is my kind of travel style - Always loved Joan Collins

And so, where ever you may be going, even if it is laying low local style…enjoy the break.

Safe Travels!


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Remider: We are CLOSED the week of March 11-15.



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