Oct 10, 2012
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Local love…

Sol Linero

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Well, sort of…local in the sense that we have new arrivals for you that are from the great state of Texas!  As you know, so many designers call NYC and LA their home but we are thrilled to have found 2 fabulous labels so close to home!


1.  Herff Christiansen:

Herff Christiansen is a collaboration between two women inspired by the urban landscape of Austin. One half  of the partnership (Herff) is a Texas girl and the other half (Christiansen) is originally from Denmark.  Their line, while inspired by Austin, also has a very Scandinavian aesthetic to it.  They aim to offer very high fashion essentials in quality fabrics and a tonal palette that never go out of style.  Their pieces are the building blocks of a great wardrobe…leggings/tights, tees & tanks.  In addition to the basics, they have a cardigan & a blazer (arrived this week) that are anything but basic!  They are both the perfect finishing touch to an easy but well styled outfit.

The Racer Underlayer - Herff Christiansen

the tank & the legging/tights

The Long Cardigan - Long Sleeve - Herff Christiansen

the cardigan

2.  Koch

Pronounced “Cook”,  this line, launched 8 years ago by designer Nicole Musselman,  is the definition of effortless chic.  While her inspiration comes from her many travels abroad, most of the collection is manufactured locally in Texas…as a matter of fact in DFW.  Her pieces have a fun beachy vibe about them – they are easy, comfortable…really, they are amazing!  When asked about her line, Nicole described it as: “Beach girl and city girl mixed into one and looking effortlessly chic while living a busy, sometimes chaotic, occasionally glamorous life. I love this idea of our customer moving through different worlds, traveling and looking sexy, flirty and fresh…a juxtaposition of seriousness and playfulness.  A way to look dressed up without trying too hard. Essentially this is what the brand is all about, a lifestyle that encompasses an eclectic outlook, travel and the everyday. This is why we target a wide age range. It is not so much about the age of the customer but the way she lives and dresses.”

the longfellow cardigan

This is just a glimpse of what we have ordered from these 2 great labels, so come on by to support the “local” economy and to see all of the amazing pieces in the store!

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