Nov 30, 2012
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name dropping…

Normally, we don’t encourage name dropping…

but for every rule there is an exception…

The exception…The Name Dropping Drawing.

It’s simple…here’s how it works:

1.  Tell a friend about us

2.  That friend comes in to You Are Here

3.  While in YAH, said friend tell us…”(enter your name here) told me to come by and check y’all out!”

4.  Your name gets dropped in a bowl for a drawing on Dec. 21st for a $200 gift certificate to You Are Here.

The more people you tell, the more your name gets dropped, the better your odds for winning.

So go out…tell your friends and just make sure that when they come in…they drop your name!

And while your at it…

make sure and tell all your friends that today ONLY, in honor of the horned frogs last game at home, we are offering 20% off all items that are purple!


That’s right…TODAY only, if it is purple, it is 20% off!  


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