Dec 13, 2012
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Each year at Christmas, alot of our darling hubbies find themselves in one or all of a few different situations…..”what should i get her?”  or “hope this is what she was talking about” and the even worse  “oh no,  is it really only 3 days away???”  Even after hearing all of those not so subtle hints, it is still a challenge.  One that I do not envy.  This is make or break time for those guys…a chance to bring a smile to our face that can light up the room!

Well,  we think we should make it a little easier on those sweethearts of ours….my hints – not so subtle!  I am even providing pictures! I know you may be thinking that this is kinda silly considering that we are talking about items from our own store,  but how nice would it be to have that awesome surprise?   So,  here ya go honey….have at it!

Hmmmmm……what’s on Joanna’s list?

Well, I am sure it will come as no surprise that my list is totally made up of jewelry and handbags!  Those of you who know me know that i am a sucker for a beautiful bauble and have rarely met a handbag i don’t love! This year is no exception…


This gorgeous piece from The Woods would be a beautiful addition…did you see the clasp even has diamonds?  Wowzers…can’t handle it!

Then there are these amazing cuffs from Alchemie…which one?  Either one really.  Love em both!

I too am a huge fan of these great stacking rings from Lulu Designs…

These clutches from Samantha Grisdale…love them all.

Especially this little tan one in front.  I have nothing like it.  Really.  No, I’m serious.  Promise.

And last, but certianly not least…this little python number from Presmer.  I have had my eye on these bags since we started carrying the line last spring and have resisted.  Waiting for the perfect one.  This is it!  Love it.

So,  there it is….my list.  Can I live without one of these amazing items?  Of course!  Do I want to?  No,  not so much.

Have you made yours?  Have you been dropping those subtle or not so subtle hints??

Even if you haven’t,  send those darling hubbies of yours into the store today!  

We can help them find the perfect little something for you!  Just tell them to stop by,  grab a beer and let us help them help you have a Christmas that’s Merry & Bright!

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