Jun 16, 2013
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summer uniform…

The go-to item for our summer uniform…


What doesn’t go with denim or white jeans?  But, with 100 degree days on the horizon,  it’s just too hot for all that!

So we go to the 2nd best, the perfect compromise…cut offs!

A little styling inspiration for you…

We know…we can just hear you now…

Yeah, sure looks great on super models and celebrities but what about us real girls?!

Our take…if you are willing to wear shorts you should be willing to try a cut off.

So how do we wear them?

We like the boyfriend style so they aren’t so tight and wear them lower on our hips to give a little length.  Then pair it with a looser fitting top or tee or a classic oversized button down.

Easy…summer uniform!

Stop by to check out the cut offs we have in the store right now from Current/Elliot and DL1961.  And easy tops to pair with them from all your favorties like…

Equipment, Splendid, Ulla Johnson, Kain

And, if you are looking for a colored cut off and willing to do a little DIY we have great colored denim on SALE and you could make your own!

Now,  how clever is that!

And that’s not all we have on SALE…

Loads of great items at

50% off

(including already marked down times at an additional 50% off!)


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