Dec 17, 2013
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old vs. new

If you have visited us during the holiday season then you have heard our random christmas playlist and perhaps the explanation that it is random because we differ on our opinions of Christmas music.

Yes, yes, we agree on most things most of the time but one place we don’t is on our choice of Christmas music!

One of us loves the old standbys, the classics (you know, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald) and the other needs little newness mixed in there (maybe some Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson singing the classics).

But we guess if there is one place to have differing opinions this is not a bad one!

The other day, while on pinterest, we came across this cute little blog post from Design Muse that had the “best holiday playlist of all time”,

and what do you know…it is a mix of old and new.

And so we have decided that it doesn’t have to be one vs. the other

but perhaps a mix of old and new may be just what every Christmas playlist needs!

So, if you are looking to spruce up your Christmas playlist by trying a little something new or returning to the classics we thought this little list would be fun to share.

And if you are still shopping come by and see us and hear our random music choice for yourself…smile!

Or if you are one of the lucky ones who has checked her list twice…

well, we are in awe, but come by anyway and say hi!

Would love to see you!


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