Apr 29, 2014
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one is the loneliest number…

Picture this…

We get in 4 great shirts.

Over the next few days 3 of the shirts go home with lovely shoppers. Yeah!

But then, the last little guy, is left.


Which shouldn’t be a problem, right?  After all, it’s a great shirt.  But the strange thing is when only one of something is left it is like it becomes invisible.

And so, we have decided to bring these little lonely guys out into the spotlight and help them find a home!

So, here’s the deal…

1.  Follow us on Instagram

(We aren’t trying to be difficult by giving you one more thing to do but really it is the easiest way for us to pick an item and make spur of the moment decisions about who and how many little lonely guys will be featured).

2.  Check your Instagram for all the details about the item – price, discount, size.

3.  And then come on by to snag a great deal and give a well deserving item a great home!



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