Jan 11, 2015
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the last week…

First off, thank you!

You came out and helped out clear our racks but there is still more work to be done!

So, after week 1 we have gotten out our red pens and put them back to work!

This is the last week for our MEGA SALE so we must do our best to find these great pieces an equally great home!

Humanoid booties now 75% off!

These are a favorite around here – they go with EVERYTHING, really these should not be here…


A table full of denim and thick chunky sweaters all at least 50% off!

It’s freezing, so let’s all use this opportunity to stock up on some great knits at great prices!


A now full stocked 75% off rack!

It looked a little puny after week 1 but we have added some great new pieces making them now 75% off!


And a rack full of items that are under $50


And making her debut appearance for week 2 we have the $10 rack!


If you haven’t made it by yet, no worries, we still have many great items at fantastic prices for you to see!

And if you did make it by already, it isn’t a bad idea to swing by for a second look…


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