Feb 19, 2015
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nyc bound…

We are off to NYC for a little buying trip!

But it isn’t all fun and games,  as a quick look at the forecast has us bracing for the cold that lies ahead for us!


Yup, that’s for real and that’s cold!!!

But alas, work is work, and so us girls must pack our bags and head north!

And as we do so, we wonder…

how do you look stylish and stay warm in freezing temps?

Well, we looked to the street style from Fashion Week for a little inspiration and here’s what we found…

Cool hats with furry pom poms…got those!

Chunky sweaters…check!

Layers, layers and more layering…we can do that!

Great jeans and boots…check!

Sheerling & suede  bomber jacket…ohhh, we wish!

Acne jacket<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Now, these ladies look amazing and we know that their reality is a wee bit different from ours as they go from heated cars to the front row…

But nonetheless, we found inspiration, and for that we are grateful!

But don’t you worry, just because we are gone we are still OPEN!

And we are leaving your in good hands with our favorite stand in girl, Erin!


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