Aug 20, 2015
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mad for the plaids!

It’s official!

We have gone completely mad and ordered way too many plaid shirts!

But it’s ok, right?

After all, they are great…they are easy…and everyone “needs” more than one!

In fact, one of our favorite brands for making a great plaid shirt is Rails.

If you haven’t tried a Rails shirt before you really should…they are super soft.

And as it turns out,

 we aren’t alone in our love for the Rails  shirt.

Just take a look…

And sometimes,

Olivia Palermo likes to add a little personal style to her Rails shirt…

Love the monogram, OP!

072415-olivia-palermo-embed.jpg (480×688)

Same shirt, different beauty…

gisele-bundchen-vogue-17july14 Splash_b.jpg (426×639)

Same beauty, different Rails shirt…

25424A4900000578-0-image-m-142_1422964142226.jpg (634×1007)

Loving Rosie’s low key, simplified style…

RAILS-Hunter-Long-Sleeve-Button-Down.jpg (700×968)

And finally, Kate Moss shows us her love of the Rails plaid shirt 3 different ways!

kate-moss-660.jpg (660×495)

They really are pretty fantastic!


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