Sep 20, 2012
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you down with O.P…?

One of our favorite past times is cruising pinterest (click through to our You Are Here boards).  While on pinterest, we are looking at all kinds of beautiful things – recipes, interior design, style, parties…but our main focus is fashion and what the cool kids are wearing.  For some reason every time we see pictures of one of our favorite fashion girls, Olivia Palermo (OP…get where we are going here???) we can’t help but hear the old  (but we are not saying good) song “You Down with O.P.P.?” in our heads!

And so we ask you…are you down with O.P.?

Whether she is out on the town…

out for coffee…

post workout…

at an event…

Footwear News Achievement Awards 2010

riding a bike…

Olivia Palermo by The Sartorialist  (gorgeous as always)

or just standing around…

She is, in a word, impeccable.  She  seems to strike that perfect balance between ladylike and edgy…

We think O.P. has got some serious style!  Thanks for inspiring us!

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