You Are Here | 11.18.19

Sabina Savage

Luxury scarves designed in London and produced in Como, Italy.

You know we love Sabina’s scarves, and by love, we mean 100% crazy over the moon about them!

We are crazy about the art, the colors and the quality construction.
And with 5 different sizes to choose from there is a scarf for everyone and everything!

The 42X42 silk square.
You can tie around your neck.
You can tie it in your hair, you can tie it on your purse…

or you can tie it on your wrist.

The 90X90 silk square.
A traditional size scarf.

And for a twist on a traditional tie,
the flower knot!

And now the larger of the squares,
the 135X135,
an oversized scarf with fringe edges.

And with a scarf this large you can wrap around your neck or use it more draped as a cape or shawl.

And now, the cashmere lined stole…

Elegantly draped over your shoulder,

or wrapped around your neck,

this beauty will the hardest working scarf in your closet.

And last, but certainly not least, the silk jacket.

So many sizes, so many options that make such great gifts!
One for me…one for you 😉

Monday THRU Friday
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.