You Are Here | 10.16.18

the time is now…

Have you seen Loquet London yet?   If not, let us introduce you…it’s one of our new favorites!

Created by Sheherazade Goldsmith, alongside Laura Bailey, Loquet London is a British fine jewelry brand that launched in 2013.

A contemporary approach to the age old idea of a keepsake locket is the heart of the concept.

The clear crystal face, encased in gold, is designed to open and be personalized with collectable charms and birthstones. From a lucky horseshoe, a gold initial, a September sapphire or a diamond studded shooting star, each ‘Loquet’ is a bespoke gift, a love letter coded in charms.

Every ‘Loquet’ tells a story. For many, each charm represents a special memory.

We each got one and we could not be happier!  We wear it every day and love that while the concept is the same, our choices of charms makes each one unique to us!

What’s in our loquet?

Joanna chose the large size and has filled hers with:
a rose for her mom’s maiden name,
a tanzanite birthstone,
a beetle for protection,
linked hearts, a cross
and letters to represent each of her boys.

Kelly Ann chose the medium size heart shape and has filled hers with:

a ruby birthstone,
a peace sign, linked hearts
and soon will be adding a letter for sweet baby girl once she has made her debut!

Anne Walker chose the medium size and filled hers with:

a clover for a little luck of the Irish
a walnut circle for “knock wood” because she is just a little superstitious
a tanzanite stone, letters for her girls,
a pink heart, a moon, and a dog for all the pups in her life.

And we aren’t alone in our love of Loquet…
Sandra, Julia and Alexa also totally agree!

So, if you too think that a loquet is just what you need in your life, the time is now!  During Cowtown Card (ends Friday) you can use your card to save 20%!  This is the ONE and ONLY time we discount fine jewelry!

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