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Jul 23, 2012
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While looking around on pinterest, we love it when we find outfits with pieces put together that make us say…”Who would have thought??  But that looks great!”  
It’s a tough balance between going out on a limb and not going too far…but we encourage you while you are getting dressed next time to:  try something new, even if it it is just new for you.  
So, next time go ahead and:
pair patterns;
layer those necklaces;
stack your bracelets and while your at it…mix your metals;
a jumble of bracelets for my shoot today:
bangle I bought in India, gold wrapped bangle my bro’s gf gifted me, Giles & Bro railroad spike, Cartier Love, Sydney Evan baby diamond tennis bracelet, dad’s watch, Cartier string, Hermes Medor watch (which I brought as a 2nd option watch) :)
whatever it is give it a try and if it looks good “embrace your you-ness!”  We think you are special!
Open Friday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Jul 23, 2012
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a reprieve from the heat…

As the temperatures start to rise, I (Anne Walker) am comforted by the thought that in several days I will be beating the heat with a little visit to Colorado.  PS, by the way, don’t go feeling sorry for Joanna as she has been summering in Costa Rica for a whole month…lucky girl!!

image from here

The main focus of the trip is family time and being outside, however; the opportunity to bring out some of the clothes that have been neglected in my closet (because it is just too darn hot!) is also a highlight!  I haven’t packed my bags yet, as I don’t leave for a few more days, but here are some looks that are inspiring me as I think about what to pack…

Of course I will be packing this lightweight cardigan from Koch, one of my favorite pieces from our spring pop,  to wear with my white DLs. (Don’t worry if you missed this darling little cardigan…a fall version will be arriving shortly!)


photo from here

And speaking of my white DLs I also plan to take my white roll sleeve shirt (not in photo above but it’s a similar look), another favorite from the spring pop.  The roll sleeve shirt sold out so fast we almost got whiplash but it is coming back for fall in 2 gorgeous colors – silver (that’s what they call it but i would call it putty with a slight hint of pink…but that’s just me) and teal (a rich blue green) – Both colors will be in when we re-open our doors – I feel certain they will be a hit for fall as well so you might want to hustle…just sayin’…

Or I might take some inspiration from Cameron and pack up those cute little peach DLs with a neutral cardigan and white tee.

Hmmm…I am sure, as usual, I will pack too much but isn’t it nice to have options!  Hope you are enjoying your summer and it won’t be long before we are back!

Jul 13, 2012

dream job…

Blogging + art + graphics + typography + femininity + travel + working from home.

image from here

And so we are creating our dream jobs…as “full time/part time” store owners!

We have had so much fun and are so thrilled with all the support and wonderful words of encouragement that we are going to stick around.   No more popping in and out – we are going to stick around this time but with limited hours (open Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays)…thus the term:  FULL TIME/PART TIME!

So here’s the full scoop:  We have signed a longer lease in our current space (6333 Camp Bowie #224) but are closed for summer and some light remodeling.  We will re-open around Labor Day (stay tuned for exact dates) in our fresh space with fabulous clothes and accessories and lots of great ideas!

We can’t wait to show you all the great pieces we have ordered to fall.  As hard as it is to believe it won’t be long…summer will be gone before we know it so for now…keep sipping those summery drinks, enjoying the lazy pace of summer and having fun!


New Hours:

Monday THRU Friday
10 - 3

New Location:

5109 Pershing Ave.
Fort Worth, 76107

New phone:


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