Mar 24, 2013
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a thank you to Tommy Ton…

You may be saying to yourself, “Tommy who?”  Which is what we would have been saying in the pre-pinterest days but just look at how much we have learned from pinterest!   And we thought we were just wasting time…smile!

But in case you are not super pinners like us, let us fill you in and introduce to you the fabulous Tommy Ton.
Tommy Ton is a Canadian photographer known for his fashion blog Jak & Jil and his amazing street style photography during fashion weeks featured on and   His distinct style and knack for capturing details makes us feel like we are right there with all of those lovely fashionistas headed into the shows.  We just can’t get enough!  Basically, without his gorgeous shots, our blog posts would be, in a word…blah!
So, thank you Tommy Ton for your amazing work!

Gorgeous, huh?

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