Mar 26, 2013
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pom poms…


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Why is it that some words can just make you giggle at the mere sound?  I mean, there’s nothing particularly funny about a pom-pom but just try saying pom-pom without smiling…even if it is just the tiniest little grin…bet you can’t do it!

You know what makes us smile even more?

Scarves with pom-poms!

Nage - Pink



Nage - Pink_Rickey - Oyster_Bondi - Bronze

We couldn’t ask for more than this darling scarf by Koch (one of our favorite local designers) in beautiful spring colors adorned with the cutest little pom-poms!

Just makes us smile!

And there’s more from Koch – brand new arrivals…

Alistar - Hot Pink with Snakes

We just LOVE this new pink dress!

That’s not all…just all that we have photos of right now!

Trust us…the other pieces are worth a look.  And, as usual we only ordered a few of each piece so you might want to hustle!


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If you love the darling little quote up top you can order it here from Shop Furbish.  And if you aren’t familiar with the very talented Jamie Meares you should check out her on-line shop and her blog…great finds and very entertaining!


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